Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Peter Mezoian's Banjo Boot Camp.

Peter Mezoian, one of the best plectrum banjo players in the world is offering a banjo workshop over several days. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a top pro. Read on.....

We need six students to make it happen, as it is set
up as group lessons. The six week course would meet once a week for a 2 hour
lesson. Naturally, with the way my schedule can change, there are
possibilities for make up lessons, re-scheduling, and even doing this course
next semester (like February). Right now if we have enough students it would
start the week of September 30.
The intensive, 3-4 day 'banjo boot-camp' is an idea I've had for 2 years.
Preferably for students who have an intermediate - advance level of experience,
I think should be limited to 4 people, based on sleeping space at the camp, and
getting one on one level teaching, and practicing, and repeating of that process
to get the student truly immersed in a particular, focused concept of their
choice. This would be at my father's camp and not structured like a class
room, but more like my own world: eats, sleep, breath banjo for a few days to
really get motivated, focused and charged up again about banjo playing in
general, and your technical interests in particalar.
I'll let you know the response, and you can always call me. I'm around home
for awhile.
Thanks and hope to make this happen,

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