Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Banjo Items For Sale

European banjo players on CD
*NEW Arno Hagenaars offers his new CD "Stung". Send 15Euro (includes postage) to:- Arno Haagenaars, Nieuwland 2, 4617MB, Bergen-op-Zoom, Holland. Email arnohagenaars@zeelandnet.nl
*Ring, ring de banjo! banjo showpieces. A brilliant collection of vintage banjo greats including Ken Harvey, Mike Artuso, Joe Brannely, Eddie Peabody, Pete Mandell, Emile Grimshaw, George Morris etc. I can highly recommend this one, the sound quality is excellent! Go to www.sanctuaryrecords.com
* Hans Jörg Elter offers "Delicious Jazz" by his Silver Bell Quartet. This is a sampler CD-R and presents the banjo alongside stringed accompaniment.The cost is Euro13 inclusive postage. Contact www.guitarelter.de or elterbanjo@web.de
*Ukulele maestro Andy Eastwood has a new CD called "Ukulele Mania" available. Send Euro18/GBP10 (postage included) to Andy Eastwood, PO Box 5004, Christchurch, BH23WD, UK or order online at www.AndyEastwood.com
*"Clap hands", the latest CD from Dutch banjo master Tom Stuip and the Jazz-o-matic Four. Also available are “Aces of Syncopation” Kitano Walk, In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree, Sidney and Lastic. “Jazz-O-Matic Four” Happy Feet, “Crooks” Live In Novosibirsk, “Tom Stuip and Delirium Tremolo” The Great Banjo Conspiracy. Contact stuip@planet.nl
*Leon Hunt’s latest solo CD “Miles apart” features his terrific progressive 5-string banjo by mixing bluegrass, jazz, and folk styles. This is a great CD! Details via leon@leonhunt.com
*“This ‘ere de story..” Lonnie Donegan’s life story in music and words by Lonnie himself. Recorded at the 100 club in London in 1996.Contact www.lutz-eikelmann.de
* “Banjo Power!” the latest CD from Sean Moyses includes Running Wild, The Doll Dance, I’ve got a feeling I’m falling, Crazy ‘jo and 15 other 1920’s classics. Professionally produced, it costs 13GBP/20Euro/$20 including postage. Also available, “Tiger Rag”. 14 popular banjo solo’s with backing from Thomas Jaehn and Bernd Kröger plus “Hot Rhythm”, 1920’s classic jazz & ragtime banjo with the Hot Rhythm Boys and Ragtime Two. “Banjo Power”, die neue CD von Sean Moyses, kann man nun für 20 Euro (inkl. Versand) bestellen. Contact CDs@SeanMoyses.com You can also buy online with paypal / credit card via www.SeanMoyses.com
*The Hungarian Banjo Kings featuring Tama´s Be´nyei is a mixture of traditional Hungarian folk and chansons with some really good jazz standards thrown in. Virtuoso playing that is a breath of fresh air for banjo collection. Contact hotjazzband@tzteam.hu
* “Joe Gordon’s Ragtime Banjo”. A good selection of rags, tunes and songs from Joe Gordon. Also available “More Ragtime Banjo!”, the follow-up CD. Contact joeandsally@lineone.net
*I.B.J.F. 2000 video. 3 hours of fun from the Düsseldorf banjo festival, Germany. I.B.J.F.2002 live! Music CD-MP3 for D.V.Ds, computers or CD-MP3 players with 117 titles. Musical highlights of the I.B.J.F. 2003. Regular CD, various artists. Contact jh@aroew.de
*Zum 45jährigen Bühnenjubiläum und zum 60. Geburtstag von Peter “Banjo” Meyer: DVD: "...a-one...two...three...four..." - TV und Videoraritäten aus über 30 Jahren mit Jazz Lips, Old Merry Tale Jazzband, Buddy Wachter, Int. Banjo-Festival 1989, Banjo-Jubilee 1984, Reiner Regel's Airmail, Andy Cooper's Euro Top 8, New Orleans Parade u.v.a. € 22,- plus Versandkosten. "Jazz Celebration" CD mit den European Jazz Giants, Andy Cooper's Euro Top 8, New Orleans Parade, Lillian Boutté & Baby Boomers Of New Orleans Jazz, Paul "Polo" Barnes Int. New Orleans Band u.v.a., € 15,00 plus Versandkosten. Also, “Duellin’ Banjos” CD with music compiled from recordings with Buddy Wachter, Klaus Buhe and Don Hirst. Bestellungen über banjomeyer@aol.com / www.banjomeyer.de Bei Bestellung von DVD und CD Sonderpreis € 33,00 statt 37,00 (zzgl. Versandkosten). Peter also distributes OME banjos.
*Hans-Joerg Elter präsentiert seine CD "Memories" mit 20 ausgewählten Hot-Jazz-Titeln von "When my Dreamboat comes Home" bis "Kansas City Stomp" swingt das kraftvoll gespielte Jazzbanjo Hans-Joerg Elters in zahlreichen Banjo-Parts und Solostücken und erzählt seine facettenreiche Banjozeit in verschiedenen Jazzbands seit 1967 bis heute. Die CD wurde im Feb 2004 professionell produziert von Universal, Deutschland. Ebenso erhältlich-"Take Your Pick" mit swingender Banjo-Musik von Pete Mandell, Django Reinhardt und eigenen Kompositionen im Hot-Club-Stil. Hans-Joerg Elter -“Memories”. 20 Hot Jazz titles with bands and banjo solos in the swinging- power- playing style of Hans-Joerg Elter from 1967 to the present day. Professionally produced by Universal in Germany. Also available- “Take Your Pick”, music of P.Mandell, Django Reinhardt & own compositions. Euro 15,- plus postage. or new condition. Contact www.guitarelter.de or Hans-Joerg Elter, Demminer Str.8A, 30916 Isernhagen, Germany. Tel. (++49) 0511 771356.
*Julian Vincent (tenor banjo) & Keith Nichols (piano) offer a CD of duets ranging from Reser and Mandell to JR Morton and WA Mozart. It costs GBP 7,50 or Euro 15 (including postage). It can be obtained by post from J. Vincent, Laburnum cottage, 48 Frome road, Bath, BA2 2QB, U.K, or by contacting j.f.v.vincent@bath.ac.uk . Julian also publishes "The Banjoists' Broadsheet" every 6 to 8 weeks, with in-depth articles, news and music. 8 issues for GBP 5, Euro 13 or GDP 12 / USD 20.
*String Trio Schleswig Holstein offers a unique and pleasant mixture of music with “Intimate tunes”. Visit www.stringtriosh.de
*Ruedi Bleuer’s CD is called “Banjo with bite” with Buddy Wachter and Jens Krueger. Contact Ruedi Bleuer, Hohle gasse 16, CH-8154 Oberglatt, Switzerland or mail banjo-bleuer@bluewin.ch
*Howard Shepherd's latest CD (Plectrum Banjo with backing) includes Cherokee / When Day Is Done / Czardas / Tiger Rag /. It costs £10 Stirling / 15 Euro / $20 (including shipping) Send bills only please to: Mike Dexter, 1 Meadow St, New Mills, High Peak, Derbyshire, SK22 4AY, England.
*Elias Sibley’s “The Classical banjo collection” has twelve lovely titles played finger style on an open back 5-string banjo with piano accompaniment. Contact www.sibley-music.co.uk

American banjo players on CD
*NEW! Fans worldwide of Marvin "Smokey" Montgomery, legendary tenor banjoist with The Light Crust Doughboys for 66 years, can access CDs, cassettes, books, videos and DVDs featuring Smokey at www.artgreenhaw.com/music.htm and also www.artgreenhaw.com/merchandise.htm
*NEW! Tyler Jackson is a very talented teenager with an extremely good handling of the tenor banjo. His debut CD is called "First Impression" and is produced by Buddy Wachter.The music goes from Reser to self penned originals with very good backing. Go to www.4stringbanjo.com for ordering details.
*NEW! Scott Whitfield offers a banjo CD with a difference. He has placed the instrument in a conventional setting usually reserved for the guitarist and along with a swinging backing group you can expect a smattering of country/rock and self composed titles. Order through www.Scottsound.com
*NEW! Douglas Back offers three CDs, “The banjo goes highbrow”, “The big three reprise” and “Droolin’ banjos”. Here is a fine exponent of the classical five string finger style banjo and these are a nice addition to any banjo collection. Contact Doug through dback@knology.com or visit www.belmando.com.
* "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart-The Banjo-maniacs of Guthrie," a documentary film by Amy Finkel. To learn more about the film, or to purchase a “Zing !” DVD or T-shirt, please visit http://www.stringsofmyheart.com , or email Amy at banjomaniac@stringsofmyheart.com .
* “By the sea”, with Steve Caddick & Eddy Kebabjian. Contact banjopa1@yahoo.com
Harry Reser and the Clicqout Club Eskimos - radio broadcast transcriptions from 1951, previously un-issued and a must for all serious collectors of banjo music. Contact Juergen@Kulus.de
*Dallas Banjo Band recorded in 1995, conducted by Marvin “Smoky” Montgomery and assisted by Scott Whitfield, this is probably one of the best banjo bands in the world today. Also available “Smoky’s Picks” - their most recent CD and excellent quality, a tribute to the late Smoky Montgomery. Go to www.dallasbanjoband.com for more information.
*Tim Allan “By Request” from the Canadian tenor banjo master. It costs $15 plus shipping and can be ordered through his website at www.Timallan.com
*Jack Convery and friends is a compilation CD featuring Jack with Dave Marty & the Medicine Ball band, the Red Garter Club band and the Bluegrass Buddies. Available through www.banjojazz.com .
*Frank Vignola & Bob Pagillo have released a CD called “After Hours”. This is an assortment of easy listening standards. Please Frank Vignola, 34 Waterbury road, Warwick, NY 10990 U.S.A.
*Cynthia Sayer’s many banjo recordings are available through www.cynthiasayer.com and the multi-media CD “Souvenirs” for playing on your computer is available through www.banjo.2003.de
*Buddy Wachter and Johnny Baier have a highly acclaimed CD out called “Side by side”. Contact Buddy at www.BuddyWachter.com for information.
*Scott Whitfield has released a CD called “Born to banjo” and in addition offers many other recordings and instructional books for tenor banjo. Go to www.Scottsoundnet.com
*Mickey Finn & Cathy Riley have a CD out called “The Entertainers” and features some of their tunes such as “The Sting,” “Swanee” and “Hello Dolly” etc. Visit www.MickeyFinnShow.com
*David Frey offers ”The Three Plectrums”, along-side banjo-ists Larry Kennedy & Kurt Bell, “Vested Interest” with the Southdown Strummers and “Positively Fourth Street” with the Fourth Street Five jazz band. Contact strumr@msn.com for details.
* “Celebrate” is a compilation CD issued by the Banjo Hall of Fame and can be ordered by through www.banjomuseum.org .

Books, tutors & accessories
*Harry Reser‘s 20 lesson course for tenor banjo. Written in English, Only / Nur 20€ / $20, zuzüglich Porto und Verpackung. Porto und Verpackung belaufen sich auf 2€ innerhalb Deutschlands; für andere Länder kostet es 5€ Land-, bzw. 7€ Luftpost in Europa oder 15€ Luftpost in andere Teile der Welt. Bezahlt werden kann in bar, per Zahlkarte, über PayPal (http://www.paypal.com ) ich heiße dort jhk3). GHS-Saiten, Standardsätze für Tenor banjo/tenor guitarre in verschiedenen Ausführungen und Stärken. Einzelsaiten je 1 Euro (A, D-Saite) bzw. 2,30 Euro (umwickelte Saiten), Satz 6,10 Euro. Bei Bestellungen unter 10 Sätzen Porto (oder Äquivalent in Einzelsaiten) 2 Euro. Ab zehn Sätzen Porto und Verpackung frei. Jim Farqhuar Stege in ½”, 9/16th” 5/8th” oder Sonderanfertigung. 2 oder 3 Bein, Ebenholzauflage oder Ebenholz mit Taqua-Einlagen, ab 23 Euro. Bestellung über Jürgen Kulus, Carl-Schminke Str.12, 71229 Leonberg, Germany. Tel.0049 (0)7152 949414 oder über Juergen@Kulus.de . Enquieries in English welcome.
* "Learning Plectrum banjo" by Hans-Joerg Elter, Lernbroschüre für den interessierten Banjospieler, 60 Seiten voll mit Lern-und Trainingsspaß! Für das klassische Plectrumbanjo in C-G-H-D-Stimmung und für guitar tuning D-G-H-E ; verschiedene Spieltechniken, Jazz Harmonielehre, "Solostücke vom Blatt lernen", Improvisations-Methoden und viele Infos rund ums Plectrumbanjo! Die Broschüre ist in deutscher Sprache - die chord trainings sind grafisch angelegt und somit international verständlich: die Plectrumbanjo-Schule direkt anfordern für Euro 25,- plus Porto.
“Tenorbanjoschule- easy course of instruction” for C-G-D-A tuning. Shows left and right hand techniques, jazz chords and inversions up to the 19th fret. 44 pages of banjo fun for just 25 Euro plus postage. Contact or new condition. Contact www.guitarelter.de or Hans-Joerg Elter, Demminer Str.8A, 30916 Isernhagen, Germany. Tel. (++49) 0511 771356.
Instruction books with over 800 plectrum, 425 tenor and 450 guitar tuned banjo solos! Contact Don Stevison donstevison@hotmail.com
*“The ultimate plectrum banjo player’s guide” by David Frey and Susanne Sangiacomo. CD audio booklets now accompany this series. Contact strumr@msn.com or www.banjobook.com
*David Price offers his book “Chords for the banjo” and “The complete banjo works of Emile Grimshaw” containing all 70 pieces in a beautifully bound book. David also publishes “The Banjo Times” magazine which covers all aspects of banjo. Contact via dvprice@tiscali.co.uk or visit www.jazzbanduk.com for more details.
*Don van Palta offers a free video as an introduction to his instruction course on plectrum banjo as well as very good CDs in chord melody style. Discounted prices on new “Richelieu” banjos too! Contact www.dixiejazz.com/banjo.html
Hundreds of chord charts for hundreds of classic jazz tunes. “The Chord Book” is priced at Australian $85 + $25p&p contact Herb@giant.net.au / http://www.giant.net.au/users/herb
*Top Canadian player Tim Allan offers instruction tapes and books for tenor banjo. “Tim Allan in concert” video, 5 banjo CDs and more. Go to www.timallan.com for full details.
*Bob Mansure makes personalised padded case covers for banjo, mandolin & guitar players. Amp and speaker covers are also manufactured. Contact www.personalizedcovers.com
*Building a banjo? Try First Quality Musical Supplies. They supply Gibson with most (if not all) of their parts so look at www.fqms.com Be aware of European import costs!
*Saitensprung in Switzerland, offer banjos, guitars and mandolins. Go to www.saitensprung.ch .
*Hamburg’s “Die Banjo Werkstatt” is run by luthier Karsten Schnoor and he can be contacted for all repairs and restorations by telephone +49 (Germany) 40 880 8374.
Want to add your item to the list? Mail me at IJBN@SeanMoyses.com

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